Extension Pole, for Vauth-Sagel Cornerstone® Maxx

Extension Pole, for Vauth-Sagel Cornerstone® Maxx

The Cornerstone Maxx Extension Pole transforms the way standard corner cabinet storage solutions work. The extension allows two Cornerstone Maxx units to be used in the same cabinet, this meaning the space in non standard cabinet heights or full height applications are being used to the fullest advantage.

Suitable for 800, 900 or 1000 mm corner cabinets

Application Single fixing point on cabinet centre post

Installation depth Minimum: 490 mm

Material Steel

Guarantee 10 years

Supplied with

1 x Upper support tube attachment point

1 x Support tube base cabinet

1 x Support tube tall cabinet

1 x Fitting instructions

Warranty information

Vauth-Sagel’s products are of excellent quality and workmanship and are extensively tested. Vauth-Sagel has hence set out to guarantee their products are free from construction, material and manufacturing defects for up to 10 years from the purchase of the items.

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